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I've redesigned my portfolio and—

Am posting an inconsequential blog post saying so. Because the blog is the oft-overlooked portion of my website. It was the last page I got to during this self-imposed refresh. I cringed. 

Let's be honest. This is a pathetic excuse for a personal blog. You know it. I know it. It is even more pathetic when you consider I'm trying to get my name out there, attempting to promote myself, my skills, and my hobbies. 

Sigh. I shall try to be better. Its not as if I don't know what I'm doing. 

Or maybe I don't? Maybe I did at one time. Maybe now is not that time. I just don't...know.  

My portfolio's content has stayed (somewhat) the same. Over the past year, there have not been an overwhelming number of projects that felt worth as if they were worth showcasing. I've also decided to shift into a more product-oriented role as far as career aspirations go, so perhaps I ignored the importance of maintaining a current portfolio of creative work. I hope to be adding more prototypes and examples of product strategy in the very near future.

Three things you need to look at right now.  

The WSJ's algorithm dissecting the literal rap genius behind Hamilton is also a brilliant example of how to do interactive journalism right. 

Air Canada's latest ad campaign is a deftly humorous acknowledgement of just what [at least half or more of] their southern neighbors are thinking—and searching for online. So if we #TestDriveCanada and decide to stay, there's no paperwork, right? 

The Smash TV crew are my VJ heroes. And they just released Megaplex, their over-a-year-in-the-making followup to the mesmerizing, fever dream insanity of Skinamax and Memorex


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