Video Art

I make weird things with video. Often in the form of live visuals or realtime visual performance (aka VJ-ing). 

Very compelling and quasi-pretentious visual artist bio coming to this page in the very near future. 

Until then, I will be posting a few quick demos I've recorded. Currently, I'm using Final Cut Pro for clip extraction and minor editing. Then, I throw everything in Resolume Arena and do my thing. I would love to collaborate with DJs and other visual artists for both live performances and video installations. Just hit me up. 

I'm trying to figure out where a lot of this 'came from.' 

Born and raised in St. Louis, my youth was primarily spent in books, in movie theaters, immersed in Carmen Sandiego games on my Apple IIe, and staring at (cable) tv. I was always a weird kid, a weird kid who never stopped looking random things or ideas up in various research guides predating the internet. World Almanacs and travel guides. A cheap encyclopedia. A pastel-accented tome encasing Leonard Maltin's reviews of everything available on VHS in 1988. David Wallechinsky's Complete Book(s) of The Olympics. Coupled with a steady diet of MTV, Star Wars, Sweet Valley High, and in-depth coffee table books chronicling the abbreviated above-sea-level life of the Titanic, irreversible neural pathways were formed. Cranial cul-de-sacs jammed with pop culture schematics, historical disasters, fictional narratives set in faraway places, and celluloid science fiction.