Melinda Green in an RYT-200 in Boston who specializes in sweaty vinyasa yoga for every person and every body. 

Fact: Reversing your orientation is an instant mood brightener. 

Fact: Reversing your orientation is an instant mood brightener. 

In May 2014, I completed my RYT-200 at Back Bay Yoga Studio under the amazing tutelage of Lynne Begier, Ryan Cunningham, and Caitlin Graham. 

A casual yoga student since 2009, I decided to go all the way with it in January 2014. This may be the best decision I have ever made, as no other practice has taught me more about myself and informed the way I view others and everything around me. Yoga is a daily reminder of the fact that the more we learn, the less we know, building our confidence through humility. It has shown me what is possible, what I can do better (hey, my elbows could be pulled in more BUT the fact I can now hold my tripod headstand is HUGE), and that there is nothing more beautiful than being a work in progress. 

In short—yoga is awesome because it makes you strong, not just in your body but also your mind. Yoga makes you less of an asshole. 

Do you want me to teach you yoga? Just ask. I am currently taking clients and looking to find part-time placement (or sub list designation) at studios and gyms. My (current) focus: Vigorous vinyasa that's sweaty and fun, that reminds you that falling on your face is instrumental in the tensegrity between mind & body, and thematic sequences that build strength and open you up.  

Additional certifications:
Prenatal Yoga (June 2014) under Bec Conant
Hip Hop Yoga (December 2014) under Lynne Begier 

A never-ending list of teachers who have guided/guide me along the way:
Heather Rems, Michael Mann, and Michelle Brenes
Joanne Flaherty
Autumn Feldmeier
Lynne, Ryan, and Caitlin
Goldie Kaufenberg Graham, Erica Bornstein, Ryan Hill, Aaron Cantor, and Jessica Emilfarb