Experiments In Design—Assignments for Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society

1.2 Find The Gap: (Minor) headaches of everyday life

It it extraordinarily difficult to think of gripes when you're actually tasked with thinking about them, no? 

  1. As anyone who uses it knows—the iPhone battery could last so much longer. 
  2. My cat, Oskar, is a very handsome Maine Coon. He typically curls up next to me or sprawls out in the sunlight like Burt Reynolds on a bearskin rug. The only issue I take with Oskar is that he can't wipe his ass. He's got long hair. Sometimes, it is an issue.
  3. My overall time management skills could and should be improved. Substantially.
  4. These very nice, overpriced yoga tops made of super-soft cotton that I occasionally purchase at my go-to yoga studio advertise progressively cheesy sentiments with each shipment/seasonal line. 
  5. The rent is too damn high. 
  6. There are seemingly no reasonably-priced laptop cases I like. 
  7. Why is it so difficult to find a perfect duvet cover? 
  8. When baking, you typically have to add flour gradually. While mixing. Flour goes everywhere (exaggeration) every time, even when one (me, others) is extra careful. 
  9. Can we "parent trap" couples back together? Especially the ones who belong with each other?
  10. There is absolutely nothing I can do to prevent the end of Mad Men. 
Melinda Green