life story

So a little more about me.

What I did on my summer vacation, 2015

Photography Ellen Callaway

Want to work together?
Or just say 'hi.' 

I want to make things that make people happy. I desire consistency and consummate usability. Across platforms, channels, and everything else. I give products and brands a clear direction and a memorable voice. I want to make whatever it is the best that it can be. 

I worry all of that sounded like superfluous buzzwords. You would tell me if it did, right? 

I'm a tireless researcher and a quick thinker. This means I am an abyss of random knowledge on just about anything. You don't just want me on your Trivial Pursuit team—you want me in the meeting where the client is going to pull something straight out of left field. (Worth noting: I literally looked up the origins of "out of left field" upon typing that last sentence.)

I am an engineer stuck in a writer's mind/body. 

I think too much.

I am a Chewbacca. 

I have too many interests and not enough hours in the day.  

I champion honesty and loyalty. I want everyone to be their best possible selves. I love Soviet-era TV and radio towers, Paco Rabanne's unwearable dresses, Thai noodles, midi controllers, bulgogi, buttercream frosting, vashistasana with the toe lock, French thrillers, pro wrestling, eye liner, drum & bass, steak tartare, old neon, bourbon on the rocks, satire, mashed potatoes, the Korean peninsula, Jenny Holzer, science fiction, tacos oh sweet glorious tacos, old airline bags, learning new things, surprising myself, Berlin, comic book stores, David Lynch, slicing up t-shirts, molten metal, and figuring s**t out. 

I am always trying to do better. 

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