UX design 

I began my career as a copywriter. As someone who always wants to know as much as I possibly can about all the things — and my experience and the realm of digital possibilities expanded — I found it increasingly difficult to just write because the most successful products are those where exploration and design are done hand-in-hand with messaging. I much preferred identifying problems and finding solutions to simply wordsmithing.

Words are absolutely critical to every experience. I just...I wanted to understand everything else involved so I could figure out the best way to get someone from points A to B. I wanted to design content-driven user experiences in digital products that that truly delivered on their promised intent. So here I am. I hope the three-pronged punch of my deep user experience + information architecture + content strategy skill set will be deemed equally as powerful as that user experience + user interface combination so many covet. Because I really love what I do. And I can add tremendous value to any team that wants to build good things, things that people look forward to using. (If you're not fully convinced, I can also pull off the occasional visual design feat, too.)

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