Experiments In Design—Assignments for Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society

2.2 User Needs

They want to wear something that helps them stand out AND fit in. 

They want to express themselves through fashion—even in yoga class—but they do not wish to take themselves too seriously.

They feel as if they can only express their personal style by modifying existing t-shirts.

! They do not want to wear something that can be construed as faux-spirituality, or something that might subjugate their own belief systems. 

They feel as if many of the tank tops and tees serving this market are unnecessarily loaded with cliches.

They want to inject humor into their yoga practice and do so in more unusual ways than typically displayed by popular retailers. 

They want to wear something that is meant for the yoga class but can be adapted for other outfits and occasions. 

They do not want to always wear something in a solid hue. 

! They like bright colors and typically avoid pastels. 

They don't want a shirt to be overtly deemed "yoga wear" if worn in other contexts or settings.

They need something to wear that, in its own way, can 'help' improve their yoga practice.

They need to wear something that provides freedom of movement.

They need a shirt/tank constructed out of a breathable fabric.

They want to wear something that does not interfere with or impede movement. 

They want quality and style for a reasonable price. 

They do not want to spend more than $25–30 on a lightweight shirt primarily worn for working out/yoga (i.e., fed up with Lululemon, Spiritual Gangster, et al.) 


Melinda Green