Intralinks IRM by Design



The docTrackr acquisition brought plug-in free, lifetime document security into the Intralinks platform. I was tasked with naming the new software feature and crafting the brand story. 

I felt it was imperative that we frame the encryption feature in a way that would negate any comparisons to DRM—Digital Rights Management. DRM really only refers to consumer-facing media. We needed to ensure the branding was specific to the enterprise. Information Rights Management (IRM) is often used interchangeably as Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) but let's face it, less is more. IRM just sounds more...elegant. Not to mention more explicit as to what you are protecting. Information. 

docTrackr technology enabled document-level encryption across the IL platform. The user can choose what they protect and even the length of time the document may be accessed. Or more simply, IRM by design™.

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