PUMA Rallycross (Experiential / Integrated Campaign)




PUMA Rallycross sought to position its PUMA Rallycross brand and Global RallyCross sponsorship as something worth following amongst the always tough and fickle—boys and men ages 14 & up.

Every digital strategy should work towards maximizing organic exposure while incurring the fewest costs. Brands should make the conversation the crux of every campaign, and determine the best outlets to reach their target audience.

In Inphantry's pitch to PUMA Rallycross, we turned the logo—the Zombie Cat (you know, a PUMA with dripping fangs) into #zombiecat—the hashtag of all things daring and or stupid on the Internet, for those who know YOLO is played out. We strove to create a comprehensive campaign for both the brand and the sponsored GRC drivers through branded and personal Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook accounts.

But a hashtag and Facebook fan page with regular posts does not constitute a “digital strategy.” I enjoy going beyond the obvious channels to discover different ways to encourage awareness and excitement when honing in on a generalized demographic. Community engagement drives brand loyalty only when your audience feels as if they are a part of the brand.

And what about...

Let's also identify other audiences with similar interests and bringing them into the conversation. The PUMA GRC team includes 2 former BMX and skateboarding stars with existing fan bases. This is an opportunity to introduce Rallycross to those already familiar with the faces of the brand.

Reddit + Forums

Boasting a 72% male user base, Reddit is the perfect “social network” for PUMA Rallycross to promote its drivers and brand not only through the creation of a dedicated /r and driver presence in existing Sub-Reddits, but through highly visible, high-trafficked IAmA or AMA events giving Redditors a chance to find out just what it’s like to be a Global RallyCross driver.

With thousands of active members, Subaru and Rallycross forums are still an effective way to target fans. We proposed PUMA–branded takeovers to pique interest as a more targeted and cost effective ad spend.

Mobile Apps

Proposed mobile apps targeted those behind the wheel and beyond. The augmented reality All–Terrain, makes every surface and scenic vista a rallycross track. Shakedown is a GPS–based app to keep track of your favorite routes and recommend to others what makes a “really fun road to drive” taking its name and inspiration from the fact-finding test run every GRC driver does on every course. Shakedown also provides PUMA Rallycross drivers’ favorite routes near the tracks of GRC events.

Onsite Giveaways

Sure, we went with the totally-expected decals and keychains, but Zombie Cat-fanged face bandanas are the ideal way to shield your face from harmful light fumes or dust. And fasteners, like bright yellow Zombie Cat duct tape and zip–ties, give two of the greatest inventions ever a PUMA Rallycross makeover.